An Analytical Approach to Querying

Malia Maunakea, Author

My agent has used my query letter in presentations as an example of what to do. I queried forty agents and got positive replies from twenty-nine (negative from eleven) and seven offers of representation within two weeks before I shut it off and let everyone know I made a selection. Many were cold queries, some were from a pitch contest. Yes, the market has changed since I queried in May 2021, but strategy remains the same.

I will explain in detail how I used QueryTracker to analyze which agents and when to email based on their statistics. I will also go over my strategy in crafting my query letter and submission packets (what different versions of your document you should have pre-saved and ready to go once you’re ready to query). How to make the process as streamlined and painless as possible, while treating it like a business in which your goal is to capture the attention of an agent that is a good fit for you and your manuscript.

I’ll also discuss why the manuscript you query might be different depending on who you’re querying. Participants should come with their own query letters and first 10 pages if they have them (don’t have to be polished).

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