First Looks

Aram Kim, Art Director, Author and Illustrator

Editors, art directors, and agents are all busy people who review many images in a minimum of time. What do they see when they look at your portfolio or postcard? Join us as art director, illustrator, and author Aram Kim shares her first impression of attendee work.

How it works:

Attendees who hope to participate in First Looks will be invited to submit three illustrations. The Illustrator Coordinator will combine your three images into a single slide. All slides will be randomized, then viewed anonymously, in order, as time allows. Aram Kim will take a brief moment to look at the slide, then provide her immediate thoughts. A timer is used so we may view as many slides as possible.

You are welcome to attend this session without submitting images, but if you do submit, you must attend.

Submission process will be posted here. 

Schedule TBA