Plot Points Roadmap

Jenny Elder Moke, Author

In this session, I introduce the plot points roadmap – the five major plot points in every story that you need to know before starting your first draft. We’ll talk about the three act structure, why theme is the touchpoint for every story, how plot and character rely on each other and propel each other forward, and identify the five major turning points in every plot that keep your story on the right track to make it to the finish line. This session is perfect for writers who fear the plot, writers who are worried their story is just coasting on vibes, and writers who know their characters’ deepest secrets and favorite breakfast items but can’t figure out what they’re supposed to DO.

This session can benefit all writers but is especially useful for long-form writers (middle grade and young adult). Accessible to beginning writers but still useful for advanced authors looking for more structure to their planning process.

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